Why buy a British Seagull?

The SEAGULL is BRITISH designed and BRITISH made - it is a pure-bred marine engine, not an adapted industrial motor.

All models are two stroke single cylinder water cooled. Simple construction and best materials.

Ease of maintenance and accessibility, all are features which have earned the motor well deserved popularity with owners and mechanics throughout the world. Built for hard continuous running, they will give day-in and day-out service for years with the minimum of attention.

Starting and handling is ridiculously easy. It requires no mechanical ability to run a Seagull - there are hundreds of thousands operating daily in quite unskilled hands.

In an age where it has become the fashion to make things that will last a year or two, built-in obsolescence forms no part of the Seagull way of life.

Over their long history, British Seagull have built up a complete WORLDWIDE Network of Distributors and Agents. This means that wherever your travels take you, help is never far away.

The purchase of a Seagull is the beginning of a long and happy association.

At first glance, both the design and materials used in the British Seagull range may seem somewhat dated. In truth, however, they are totally suited to their use. (Hot, salt water is one of the hardest environments in which any engine can be run.)

Cast iron cylinder heads, while not light, will not corrode in seawater. Because of the slow reving speed at which Seagulls develop their high thrust, they can be built with plain phosphor bronze bearings which, unlike needle rollers, will even survive complete submersion without harm.

The design of the Seagull is totally practical. At sea, it is usually necessary to carry out repairs or maintenance without the aid of sophisticated tools or workshops. Seagulls are purpose built to allow them to be worked on with the minimum equipment.

Quality control checks at every stage of assembly ensure a unique standard of reliability. No motor leaves the factory until it has passed a rigid series of performance tests.

All models are equipped with multi-bladed propellers, matched to wide ratio reduction gears which provide maximum thrust.

The propellers have a patented spring drive or rubber hub drive giving first-rate protection against shock if accidentally hitting the bottom or any underwater obstruction. There are no shear pins to be replaced at awkward moments.

From ”British Seagull” sales brochure c.1985.